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A sky cut off at corners was the world of my young days
You, who landed on the windowsill, smiled gently like the moonlight...

März von Ludowing ←→ Elisabeth von Wettin
Destiny’s cruel hand brought those two together,
Never to be bonded...

Meant to be lowered beneath the cold ground
To be buried within the darkness of history
A shaded existence

I wanted a friend, but I had no idea what that was...

Exposed to the end of sightless times
( ❝ Please hurry! ❞
❝ As you wish!...guh! ❞
Shaken on the back of a dappled horse
( ❝ Hurry! Walter! ❞
❝ Yes! Please grab on tightly! ❞
A weak existence

I did not know what it was like to be within a bird cage...
Until I met you, I didn’t know the color of loneliness, nor the meaning of love...

You are --
Ah, wings belonging to me alone; your gentle eyes
Ah, told me of the world outside.

Within a dense and overgrown forest at night
( ❝ Look!”
❝ Wow! What is it?”
❝ A beautiful flower.”
❝ Wow, you’re right.”
Beautiful flowers blossomed at our feet
( ❝ I’ll put it in your hair.”
❝ You would? Make it cute.”
❝ It fits you.”
And stardust scattered overhead
The two of us laughed...
( ❝ I’m really happy.”
❝ Let’s go over there next time!”
❝ Yes!”

No matter how happy the meeting, a day of parting will come
And that is -- a sudden kiss under the setting sun

❝ März, we remained too long in this forest, it’s about time we... ❞
❝ Mother. ❞
❝ What is it? ❞
❝ I’d like to say goodbye to my friend at least. ❞
❝ I see. I’ll make an exception for that child. Now go. ❞
❝ Yes! I’m going now. ❞

❝ At least take this girl with you in my place. ❞
❝ I will be the last one to bear darkness. Please go into the light… ❞

❝ Mär…you’ll definitely come for me, right? ❞
❝ Yes, I promise you… ❞

❝ The wise woman from the forest was burnt at the stake as a witch, and later on, I knew of his death... ❞
Ah...sacrifice [die Opferung]...sacrifice...sacrifice...ah....

What the heartless passage of time has brought
Ah…are gray seasons without you and an undesired wedding

The visage wavering on the water surface now; phantom lights of days past

Until my impulses [Id] recede, they will fill me with lust [color]
But my ego knows, that 《I shall never love anyone but him》

Within this tiny bird cage, a world that has lost you
Within that tiny bird cage, a world that has lost its wings
Until I crash and burn, I shall fly like the moonlight...
Until you crash and burn, fly like the moonlight...

❝ The weak, the rejected, companions on the receiving end of the world’s malice.
Can you laugh it off as a mere puppy love that sprung of licking each other’s wounds? ❞

Eventually beginning → the night’s revenge tragedy → 【The Seventh Horizon】 → and the story continues…

❝ Come, your father is waiting. ❞
translation by defade!
vogelbauer: (and the corpse returns to earth)
❝ A church with no visitors.
A journeying violinist.
A crucified female saint who became a statue.
Why did you end up crossing this border?
Come, sing for me... ❞

It has come! The fated time! It has come! The promised time!

❝ Come, your father is waiting. ❞

I proceed with determined, gray footsteps
Feeling a gust of wind in my back, I turn around just once

The scent of dusk is strangely nostalgic
As if it was giving me a push...yes, that’s how I felt
I tremble alone at the surging sadness, tracing a distant promise promise

At the ends of a fragile, twisted time of welling hatred; I stare at darkness with a kiss
(Ah, still empty, still on the move, twisted, ah, gathering sins with a kiss)

Even now I don’t forget...
(Even now I can’t remember...)

❝ Your Highness, I’ve brought the lady. ❞
❝ Elisabeth. Be glad! Your husband has been decided!
The one who proposed is Rhein Pfalz.
He’s a dream come true for a spinster like you, isn’t he? ❞
❝ Pardon my words, brother. ❞
❝ How many times do I have to tell you to call me father!? ❞
❝ No, brother, I have no intention of marrying anyone! ❞

If I have to live on while faking love
Then I don’t mind dying with the truth

Wishing for the wild roses we found to embrace you,
I planted them around the grave
But even at the very end, they didn’t bloom, did they...

The white bird in the birdcage that fell in love with the moonlight
Even knowing that it’d crash into the ground, would flap its wings till the very end
So what I’m singing at dusk is not a song of grudge...

❝ Walter. You and Mother even faked your identities to protect her, and this is how it ends. ❞
❝ Your Highness... ❞
❝ Hahahaha! Crucify that foolish girl. ❞
❝ Your Highness! ❞

❝ I see. So that’s how you were crucified.
You did well in following your own will till the very end.
But would he really have wished for that at the cost of your own life?
Whatever. Now, let the revenge tragedy begin...! ❞

❝ No. I don’t want any of that.
Everyone has their own circumstances and fates to bear.
You came to see me. That’s more than enough for me.
Hey, do you really not remember? Those days that seem so bright even now... ❞

❝ ...I’m really excited now. Because the forest – the world is so wide! ❞
❝ What a pretty flower. ❞
❝ Woah, really! ❞
❝ I’ll put it in your hair. ❞
❝ You would? Make it cute. ❞
❝ It fits you. ❞
❝ Really? ❞
❝ Mär, make sure you’ll come for me! ❞
❝ Yes, I promise you. ❞

❝ Mär, you kept your promise, didn’t you? Even going that far... ❞

The cold chains that bind you, who have lost your flame [light]
( ❝ Oh, the great female saint! ❞
❝ So it was true. ❞
❝ With this, your sins are... ❞
Are the love and hatred of the two who thought of you, who have lost love [light] to death

The bird takes towards the sky, and the corpse returns to earth, continuing to betray providence [God]
The day breaks towards the morning of end, and our next parting is forever --


I don’t regret this at all, ah, for this is my life
Neither 《A Noble Lady》 [von Wettin],
nor 《The Daughter of the 7th Elector》 [von Sachsen],
I am 《just a woman》 [Elisabeth]
Just the one who loved only you...

Just 【Elisabeth】

❝ What now, Mär, you’ve been acting strange since a while ago. What’s wrong?
You can’t take that woman’s words seriously! Let’s just forget about her!
We have to continue our revenge. No matter what.
That’s the reason for our existence, isn’t it!?
Hey, do you really get it, Mär!?
Aaaaaaah! For crying out loud! Why won’t you understand?! Mär, you blockhead!
Right now, only I am your Elise!
We’ve had lots of fun, haven’t we!?
We helped take lots of revenges, didn’t we!?
It’s only going to get more fun. That’s right, of course that’s right.
You have me, and I have you!
Let’s continue! Let’s keep this up, the two of us! Hey!!
Let’s keep this up forever and ever and ever and ever!!
Until this world ends, no, even if the world ends,
Let’s be together forever and ever! Hey, no, no Mär,
No, don’t don’t don’t! Please, please, Mär...nooooooooooooooooo!!! ❞

❝ It’s alright, Elise... ❞

translation by defade!


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